Our courses are online and they give you the extra flexibility to learn when and where ever you like. Modern technology makes this possible to teach you anywhere in the world via Zoom or Skype.

Why the use of these platforms and not face-to-face? 

Although some of you may prefer face-to-face interaction, ZOOM and SKYPE also help you connect with your tutor and our experience is that it helps you build confidence for both speaking and listening skills.

 Zoom and Skype lessons are also engaging and fun. We can see each other and share screens, share the same audios, resources, attachments, opening the same videos, the same websites, using the same text box in real time to check spellings and receive feedback from your writing. And guess what? No much paper needed! One advantage to take care of our planet !

Our courses follow the CERF Framework and we describe language ability on a scale from A1 beginners to C2 advanced speakers.  This, translated to the the UK curriculum system, KS3 would be equivalent of A1 and A2, GCSE would be B1 and B2 and A-levels would be a C1, considering university and professional level a C2.

The available courses are:

 – General Spanish course for adults – No matter what your level of Spanish is, this course is specifically tailored for adults. It is an engaging and fun programme that will prepare you to achieve your language goals. Each day you will study a module from our General Spanish course with specific learning objectives, vocabulary and grammar points, which you may have to prepare some homework and do some self-study to speed up your learning process. The target language that you have studied during each lesson is then practiced in written homework, to which your tutor will send you some specific feedback and could be a review stage at the beginning of each lesson. We are very flexible as well and we adapt to you, so if you have a very busy schedule, we will adapt to your needs.

– Conversational Spanish:   If you prefer to just focus on your speaking side for whichever reason, we also offer a conversational spanish course based on reading and talking about different cultural , politics, literature, day-to-day topics!

– GCSE and A-level exam preparation.  If you need support to get that 5 or even that 9 grade in your exams, we are the right team for you! We will provide with resources of the topics you need to learn, together with exam practice to improve your writing, speaking, reading and listening skills!

 – Spanish for children up to 13 years old. If you are at school and struggling with Spanish, or you are so passionate about it that you want to learn even more, we teach you in a very interactive and fun way through songs, quizzes, games, interactive flashcards, computer programmes, etc.