Welcome to LB-SPANISH online tuition!


My name is Noelia Gonzalez and I come from Almeria, south of Spain. I started my teaching career in 2010,

after finishing my university and master degree in Languages Studies at the Unversity of Almeria. I have indeed been teaching languages since! It is my real passion! 

During these 10 years of experience, I have conducted more than 3500 classes, some online, face-to-face and in primary and secondary schools. I have mentored other language teachers, attended numerous teaching language courses and run a few immersion courses in the summer in Almeria, Spain. 

My strengths are to plan specific lessons for your own learning style and to get you to speak fluent Spanish as soon as possible in an engaging and fun way!

With my classes I will teach you:

    • How to study Spanish efficiently
    • How to keep your motivation high
    • Tricks to improve and memorise vocabulary with no effort
    • How to find online resources that tailor your needs
    • How to improve your fluency and pronunciation
    • How to be accurate when writing and speaking by teaching you grammar in fun ways. Grammar doesn’t always have to be daunting!
    • How to scan for details with reading and listening genuine materials
    • How to learn quicker.
    • How to really have fun when speaking Spanish!
    • And much more!

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