My name is Noelia, I am a language and yoga teacher and also an illustrator in love of everything that is handmade. SirenaYogaArt was born from the need to create while meditating, while being mindful; from the need to convert the pure inner creative energy into something externally tangible, into something magic and beautiful.

My logo is a beautiful mermaid in the yogic posture of Savasana or boat pose. Mermaids represent seduction, feminine independence and beauty. Boats represent persistence, resilience and floatability, the ability to flow in the present moment. The idea of SirenaYogaArt emerged after completing my watercolour mermaid collection which represents each of the four elements. Just as if I was a sailor, I get seduced by the beauty of painting, the art of being mindfully involved in an art creation, admiring its beauty. SirenaYogaArt is born from this idea.

I love every little simple and beautiful thing, such as observing flowers, the smell of the sea or the sound of the waves. I love warm glances and grateful smiles, long hugs, cups of tea, the moon and the sunshine, summer nights, winter mornings, listening to silence…

I love nature, children and animals. They all connect me with the source of love and maybe that is why my illustrations have a fresh and childlike touch with a colourful style that may invite children and adults to continue dreaming.

I feel grateful to be able to love what I do, so I say a big THANK YOU to those amazing people who continue crossing my path and who appreciate, support and believe in me so that I dream and fly higher. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!